Cefem Process was the second business unit to integrate the group. In 1998, the Cefem Group acquired the visible break industrial switch department of the Ferraz company (Mersen today). Production moved from  Lyon to the site in Ardèche in 1999 in order to manufacture the Local Isolator Switch - LIS. From thereon in, all of the new developments and the production would take place at this new address. In 2015, with worldwide success, Cefem Process decided to take on the Southern Asian market and established a foothold in India. This production site incorporated the industrial switches manufactured in France

  • 1998: Acquisition and transfer to Saint Michel de Boulogne
  • 2015: Creation of the Cefem Switch site in Bangalore
  • 2017: Acquisition of Edit Laser

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Produits Cefem Industrie Packshot 08.09.2016

Today, the Cefem Process business unit consists of:

  •     1 production site in France and 1 integration site
  •     1 R&D office in France
  •     26 employees

Cefem Process products are designed for all industries in which machine maintenance is frequent:

  •     Cement Plant/ Mine/ Quarry
  •     Aluminium/ Steelworks
  •     Agri-food
  •     Paper - Glass - Environment
  •     Wood
  •     Chemical/ Petrochemical